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Fats, spreads and oils

Some fat is needed in our diet to stay healthy.

Eating too much or the wrong types can be unhealthy as all fats are high in calories.

  • Use small amounts of fats
  • Choose mono or polyunsaturated reduced fat or light spreads
  • Choose rapeseed, olive, canola, sunflower or corn oils
  • Limit the amount of mayonnaise, coleslaw and salad dressings as they contain oil
  • Grill, bake, steam, boil or stir-fry instead of frying and deep frying

What is a serving?

  • If using butter, spread lightly
  • 1 portion pack of reduced-fat or light spread for 2 slices of bread
  • Use one teaspoon of oil per person when cooking or in salad dressing

Download: Fats, Spreads, and Oils fact sheet

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