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Talking to your doctor

Speaking to your doctor about weight can be daunting as it means sharing personal details about your life, eating habits and body. Obesity is not a lifestyle issue or personal choice.

The oversimplified view that all we must do is ‘Eat less, Move more’ does not address the complex underlying causes of obesity. Obesity is a complex disease influenced by a number of factors, including the environment, access to healthy and affordable food, physical activity, cultural and societal norms, education, genetics and lifestyle choices.

Before the consultation

  • Remember obesity is a disease and it is treatable
  • Book a visit specifically to discuss weight
  • At your appointment tell your doctor you would like to discuss weight. You could start by saying, “I'm here because I am concerned about my weight and how it could be affecting my health”
  • Be prepared – have a list of questions and concerns
  • Consider bringing someone as support if it helps you feel comfortable
  • Be able to tell your doctor about your history of weight change. Is it recent, long-term or has it fluctuated?
  • Take time to think about triggers or factors that influence your weight so you can discuss this
  • Think about the times you have tried to lose weight in the past
  • Bring a list of any medications you are taking
  • Think about why you want to lose weight
  • Have realistic expectations of the consultation

What is a successful consultation for you?

  • You have an open discussion with your doctor about weight
  • You get information from your doctor
  • You share information about your experiences, concerns and expectations in relation to weight
  • Your doctor assesses any complications of obesity you may have
  • You receive reassurance about your health
  • You learn about treatments – safety, effectiveness
  • You learn about medications that may help
  • You may be referred to a specialist clinic
  • You develop a personal weight management strategy

During the consultation

  • Ask about your doctor's comfort discussing weight
  • Explore positive or negative experiences you may have had in the past discussing weight
  • Avoid self-critical, negative and stigmatizing language – your weight is not your fault
  • Discuss words you are comfortable and uncomfortable with using when discussing weight
  • Tell the doctor if you are comfortable having your weight checked
  • Be prepared for a possible blood pressure check, physical examination and blood tests
  • Ask about referral to other services and treatments
  • Make a plan for follow up